Celebrate Nurses Week 2015!
Tell Us Why Nurses are the Forefront of Quality Patient Care.

This week is National Nurses Week and it gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the many ways that nurses have changed our lives. Whether you are a nurse or have had your life touched by a nurse, this week is your chance to share your story and appreciation.

This year has been a busy one for SEIU Nurses. From the bedside to state capitols to the Supreme Court, nurses have been fighting for their patients. Across the country there were no better advocates as nurses made sure that hospitals understood how to properly implemented the new infectious disease protocols during the Ebola crisis, worked to expand healthcare coverage to those most in need, made their voices heard at the Supreme Court to ensure healthcare remains affordable for working families and developed plans to make workplaces safer for both their colleagues and patients.

SEIU appreciates everything nurses do each and every day on behalf of the health of patients, the profession and this country's medical healthcare system all year round. But for this one week out of the year, while everyone else is watching in ... we'd love to hear what YOU think!

Tell us what inspires you as a nurse or how your life has been changed by a nurse. Celebrate Nurses Week by sharing your story or anecdote with us on the right. →